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You have probably seen me on the wall at the post office, on a milk carton, or Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen twice, ABC’s The Taste Season 2, or Food Network’s Rewrapped, Mystery Diners as well as other productions.

Stay tuned………In the meantime

“What can I say? I love food, music, and art!” Patrick Stark is a graduate of the prestigious Culinary Institute of America (C.I.A.). He started in the corporate world, opening several locations for O.S.I. Patrick then created his own private dinner party service, called “The Stark Raving Chef.” He designed a personal, in-house dinner service. His menus were unique and entertaining.
Patrick is an avid musician who decided to combine his passions for music and food. He became the executive chef for the well-known Granada Theatre in Dallas, Texas. His success prompted Granada’s business owner, Mike Schoder & Julia Garton, to open a new location adjacent to the theatre. “Sundown and the Granada” became Patrick’s venue to pursue his desire. Local ingredients, organic, grass fed, free range, vegan, and gluten free are standard to the Chef’s menu.

After his 8 year stint, Chef Patrick now runs his own consulting company Stark Raving Inc.

When the chef is not in the kitchen, he is in the gym. The Stark Raving Chef is also actively in involved with creating recipes with Dymatize Nutrition & BodyBuilding.com! Be
Chef also is very supportive and involved with Avocados From Mexico!! Lastly, Chef is working with @menudmoments to help you all stick to your diet and find the foods you love! Follow me so I can help you!!! http://www.menud.co #youarewhatyoueat


Patrick has also pursued his music, playing several local Dallas bands, including his latest project “The SoundBites”. Patrick accredits a lot of his artistic inspiration with food and music. He has since championed the education and evils of GMO’s (Genetically modified organisms) to the local audience. As a result, he has started a 5013C charity called the “Mohawk Militia” (you don’t need a Mohawk to join FYI). Be sure to check out his charity dinners called “The Taste of Sound” with the proceeds going to the Mohawk Militia which buys local produce for kids in food deserts! This has gained attention, spreading his word on several news shows. He has appeared in D-magazine, Dallas Morning News, The Observer, Good Morning Texas, and Fox 4 Good Day. and Recently, Chef Patrick appeared on Cut Throat Kitchen & Mystery Diners. “Without music, my food would be lonely and dull”. With a new TV show, new charity band, and a new restaurant, stick around for some interesting updates!

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